The Empresario’s Wife

The Woman at the Center of the Texas Revolution

The Empresario’s Wife dramatizes the iconic role of Sarah Seely DeWitt at the vanguard of the nation’s push westward.

Based on the life of Sarah DeWitt as she runs headlong into the whirlwind of the Texas Revolution, Sarah’s story moves from St. Louis to the far western limits of Anglo colonization in Coahuila y Tejas, a province of northern Mexico.

Love, fortune, loss, and ultimately war frame her quest to survive amid Texas’s epic conflict with Mexico.

What People Are Saying

This is early Texas history as it has never been told, the tale of how women carried the burden and played a critical role in the founding of the state. The Empresario’s Wife is a very important novel, a groundbreaker.

Kathryn Johnson, Author of The Gentleman Poet and other historical novels

The research and imagination displayed in scene after compelling scene of this novel is staggering. The story closely follows the actual historical events with a lean prose style and straightforward storytelling that illuminate the history of the nation.

— Peter Molin, Professor of English, U.S. Military Academy, West Point

Like the great state founded by Barbara Seeber’s characters, including her fourth great grandmother Sarah Seely DeWitt, this epic love story links the generations and events that not only made Texas, but made it integral to America. Seeber’s extraordinary research defines the times and worlds of diverse peoples, while her prose, fluid and compelling, entwines grit and elegance, adventure and heartbreak. I could not put down The Empresario’s Wife.
Barbara Brownell Grogan, Former Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic Books; President, Rivanna Publishing Ventures

The history of a nation is made up of a multitude of individual human stories. Barbara Seeber offers us an important contribution to those stories by bringing to life the singular and unforgettable Sarah Seely DeWitt, who takes us with her on her journey from a safe and comfortable home in Missouri to her new uncharted life in a wild, starkly beautiful landscape in the emerging state of Texas. The story of ever-present dangers and redeeming love that Sarah shares helps us fill in one more piece of the complex American story, narrated in vivid and compelling detail by a woman who lived it.
— Esther Mackintosh, President Emerita, Federation of State Humanities Councils

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